Everything You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Well…I bet, you are here to crack the secret code about digital marketing right?

No worries, I promise that you will definitely take away some new concepts of marketing by the end of this article.

What are the key points you are going to learn?

You are going to explore some new topics and different frameworks of marketing, the importance of communication, important facts about digital marketing, traditional VS digital marketing, how to set your financial goal, and many more…

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If you are a blogger, student, working professional, freelancer, mentor, entrepreneur, or anyone who would like to keep their foot forward to learn digital marketing, then you are in the right place, my friend.

Okay, so let me ask you a question.

Have you ever wondered what keeps a business alive?

Well I think, it’s the marketers or advertisers who keep businesses alive.

And in today’s world, it’s definitely digital marketing that is ruling over the internet.

I have been obsessed with the idea of digital marketing, where the entire globe becomes our playground allowing us to comfortably get customers from all over the world cost-effectively.

Social media is like a giant billboard sitting on top of the world, upon that we get to tell them whom to show this message to. 

It gives us the opportunity to show it to anybody on the planet and it’s up to us to create a message that gets them to take action.

Okay, so let’s begin with our first topic then,

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On FINANCIAL GOAL!

financial goal

Okay..let’s begin with…What is a financial goal?

A financial goal is nothing but a plan that you have for your money. Having such a goal will completely change the way you look at your money, you will see how every decision you make matters to your financial health.

Why do financial goals matter?

Something special happens when you put a pen to paper and write down your goals. It’s often easier to reach your goal if you identify them in advance. It can either be a short term goal or a long term one. If you set your goals right, it will help you shape your future by influencing the actions you take today.

Identifying your goals beforehand and making a way for a realistic plan allows you to track down your progress and motivates you to keep going.

For Example: Let’s say my financial goal is to make 1 Crore in the next year. Yes, it might sound difficult at first..but it’s actually easy when you break it down. Look at the image below:

financial goal

In the first case, I need to acquire 1,00,000 customers and sell a product worth Rs 100 to reach my goal.

Whereas in the second case, it might look easier than the first. I need to acquire 10,000 Customers and sell a product worth Rs 1000 ..and the list goes on.

The point here is..by breaking your goals into bite-sized chunks, you are more likely to achieve them. This will keep you motivated when you cross each micro goal off your list.

Hey wait…but don’t forget to give yourself a deadline.

Will you ever reach your goal if they aren’t time-sensitive? Setting yourself a deadline will push you to unlock your true potential.

There are seven days in a week, and ‘someday’ is not one of them”-Author Benny Lewis 

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a finish line, because when you do cross the finish line with your goals you will be the happiest person on the planet

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING?


What is Marketing?

Marketing is definitely not a new term. It is something which we have heard for ages, the word marketing has been invented long back and is something which is in the peak of trending skill even in today’s date.

Marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services to potential customers. Marketing is no big deal if you understand the right strategy to do it.

Advertising, or promotion, is only one component of your marketing plan. The Marketing Cycle begins even before the product is launched.

 It involves the process of knowing the customer persona, understanding their needs and problems, and then coming up with the idea of a product.

A carefully-cultivated marketing strategy should be fundamentally rooted in a company’s value proposition. Products don’t sell themselves, clever marketers do, and to sell products, marketers need a good marketing strategy. 

Now, let’s discuss the M.U.S.T methodology:

MUST Methodology

M-Massive Problem

U-Unique Solution

S-Starving Market


When you take this methodology into consideration, you are already halfway in succeeding your goal to reach your customers.

“We never sell a product-we sell a solution or outcome”

Marketing is nothing but delivering the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Reaching your audience isn’t important but engaging them with your content is. Timing plays a crucial role because approaching a starving market at the right time is what matters at the end of the day.

Your main agenda of marketing should be either to increase sales, to create sales, or to multiply sales. And yes,” Fortune lies in the follow up”.

The marketing cycle doesn’t end when the customer purchases your product, a clever marketeer is the one who tries to engage with active customers to upsell other products in the future.

Trust is another significant element while marketing. If you are successful in building trust with your target audience then you have already won the game. There will come a point where marketing will be your secondary goal because word-of-mouth does it all.

“Advertising brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.” –Jonah Berger

Stop Wasting Time And Start COMMUNICATING


The ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in. Developing your communication skill can help you in all aspects of your life, from your professional life to personal life and everything in between.

If you are able to convey your messages effortlessly to the person in front of you then you have already excelled in the skill. 

Communication can take place through different mediums if might be vocally(using your voice), written(using books, emails), visually (using images, logos, maps), or non-verbally(using gestures).

How can you improve your communication skill?

Being a good listener is one of the best ways to be a good communicator. It’s not always what you are trying to convey to the other person, but what he thinks does matter too. 

Be open to listening to and understanding the other person’s point of view, rather than simply getting your message across.

Your body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and tone of voice all color the message you are trying to convey. All these factors pile up to be a good communicator.

Develop the habit to write often. Interact with your audience with a friendly tone and try to resonate with their state of mind in the form of your messages. The more you write, the better you get at it.

Confidence plays a major role. It is important to be confident in your interactions with others. Confidence shows the other person that you believe in what you’re saying and will follow through.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

It’s never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so, you may well find that you improve your quality of life.

All You Need To Know About Traditional And Digital Marketing

traditional vs digital marketing

What do you mean by traditional marketing?

It refers to any type of marketing that takes place offline. This means print, broadcast, radio, newspaper, and any other outdoor advertising like billboards.

Traditional Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and the most researched one too. Everyone encounters some sort of Traditional Marketing in their day to day life, it may be in the form of a newspaper or any billboard which you see when you pass by the streets.

This form of marketing is well suited if you have a generic product to sell. Using traditional marketing you can reach mass audiences and advertise your product.

Okay now let’s discuss What do you mean by digital marketing?

Well, Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that is conducted online such as social media ads, email marketing, PPC advertising, etc.

As the world becomes more digital, the form of marketing has also evolved. In Digital Marketing, it provides us the ability to target an audience in a more specific way and to reach them globally. It involves studying the demographic characteristics of customer persona and reaching out to them in a more personalized way.

traditional vs digital marketing

Considering all the above points, which is a better way of marketing?

The gap between traditional and digital marketing is endless. Both have their own pros and cons. Although both the forms are effective in their own ways still as per the marketing trend digital marketing is slightly ahead of the traditional method.

There are a few cons to traditional marketing. There will be little to no interaction with the consumers they are selling to in real-time. 

The results are not always quantifiable as we are approaching a mass audience and the cost is also expensive as it includes printing or radio/tv advertisements.

Whereas Digital Marketing has become handy and the marketers can grab the attention of the customers more easily. It also reduces a lot of manual work by replacing it with highly automated processes. This form of marketing drives the desired result in a short period of time compared to the traditional method.

It is important to understand that choosing a promising market is not the only step for a successful business, one must also know how to convert this promising market/opportunity/consumer into a successful business leads or promising customers

The CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT Framework

The basic marketing strategy you need to keep in mind is the CATT Framework,

Wealth=n ^ CATT

In the above formula, n refers to your Niche. A niche is nothing but a focused or targeted field in which you serve particularly well.

For Example Digital Marketing, Cooking, Cricket, etc…

Niche plays a significant role because your success and wealth are dependent on it. You are going to serve the people who belong to your niche to solve their problems or let’s say approach a starving market with your product or services.

“Keep your message and content consistent with one niche topic to become memorable within a targeted community.”


  • [C] -Content: Once you have selected your niche, you should start producing content that your target audience will actually read, value, and benefit from. When you’re writing, continually question yourself,” What’s in it for them?” You need to always think in terms of the audience for whom you’re writing: Their needs. Their challenges.Their opportunities. Content can take many forms it might be blog posts, email, videos, webinars, etc..
  • [A]-AttentionOnce you have created good content, now it’s time to drive some traffic to it. Valuable content is worth nothing if it’s not recognized. You need to drive your audience towards your content using social media, SEO, referrals, and paid ads.
  • [T]-Trust-Building trust with your audience should be your primary goal because trust is the prime factor that pushes a person to take any action. You can gain trust by continuously providing them with valuable content, engaging them with your personalized messages, and retargeting them with your ad campaigns.
  • [T]-Transaction-This is the process where you convert your leads into potential customers. You are one step ahead as you have already targeted the audience of your niche, grabbed their attention, gained their trust and now it’s time to nurture them with your product or service. At this stage, they are more likely to purchase from and it’s called a natural sale.

The Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Integrated Digital Marketing

The CATT Framework and the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework go hand in hand. Integrated Digital Marketing is used to execute the CATT Framework in order to get the desired results.

Content Marketing being the center of attraction plays a major role in this framework. You can use Paid Advertising, SEO, and Social Media to drive traffic to your valuable content rather than pitching the audiences directly to the product or the sales page. Once the audience engages with your content, then the other marketing techniques come to play.

Let’s say a person signs to your newsletter, you can interact with him and build trust eventually by sending him emails every time you write a new blog, which in turn is nothing but Email Marketing.

 Once you start getting enough traffic, your website is automatically optimized to appear in the search engine results. You are more likely to get engagement through social media and it creates brand awareness too.

After you have gained the trust of your target audience, the product in fact starts to sell itself.

 Yes, that’s true..you will require very little effort to convince anyone to purchase your product or service because you have already reached a level wherein the marketing takes place without your knowledge and you will start driving sales consistently.

 Interesting facts I bet you never knew about Personal Branding

personal branding

Let me ask you a question…

What do you want people to remember you as?

If someone mentions your name, business, or brand what do you want them to say?

Well, if you have answered these without taking much time then you are in the right place.

If you want to leave an impact on the world, creating a personal brand is definitely the place to begin.

You can define Personal Branding as the process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.

The more personality you can add to your business, the easier it will get to find your tribe. 

To build your personal brand, first and foremost you need to focus on a specific niche. Keeping your message focused on your target demographic will make it that much easier to both create content around your personal brand and have others define you.

The narrower and more focused your brand is, the easier it is for people to remember who you are. Over time you will build this community of like-minded people who value your skills and see you as an expert in your industry.

What is the MassTrust Blueprint?

Masstrust Blueprint

The MassTrust Blueprint very well defines the journey of building your  Personal Brand.

These are the steps to include in the evolution of a personal brand:

Learn: The first step is to learn a new skill through concepts, facts, and procedures. Wherein you understand the concepts very well, recall the facts and practice the procedure to master that skill. Learning something new every day is a skill you can develop for your lifetime and helps you grow better.

Work: Ideas are worth nothing until they’re executed. Success lies in taking massive action. Put your skill to work by implementing it in the real world and get the desired results.

”There is no such thing as a million dollar idea , just million dollar execution”

Blog: Develop the habit of writing more often. The more you write, the better you get at it. Start writing content that your audience can engage with. Every piece of content you create should be created with a specific goal in mind. Clients will start recognizing your brand once they’ve encountered it several times.

Consult: After you’ve developed your personal brand over a period of time through your blog posts, now you can start consulting other businesses rather than working for one. This will also boost your confidence and skill by taking you a step further in your journey.

Mentor: Keep your foot forward to mentor others who would like to learn the skill you have mastered. By teaching your skill to others, you are more likely to enhance your knowledge and scale your understanding to a whole new level.

Startup: Go ahead and launch your own product or service taking into consideration the amount of knowledge and skills you have developed so far. It shall be the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want your followers to see.

And the cycle continues, because you should never stop learning new things and the MassTrust blueprint applies every time you master any skill.

So, coming to the end of this article I hope that you have learned something new and will look forward to implementing it in your life.

Building and optimizing new profiles, generating content about you and your work, identifying your goals, building a brand strategy – this can feel overwhelming. 

But once you’ve established a strong foundation, you’ll have a roadmap to follow, which makes the whole process much more manageable.

At the end of the day, there’s certainly yet more to learn, yet more problems to solve, and yet more to build. And for this, I am very grateful.

Now, I would like to take a moment to thank Digital Deepak for teaching all the above fundamentals of marketing in such a wonderful manner that I could put it down into words so effortlessly and present it in front of you in the form of this article.

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