10 Free Traffic Sources For Your Dropshipping Store

No matter whether you’ve just launched your dropshipping store or you’ve been in existence for a little while, you have to put in your work to drive traffic for your dropshipping store.


However attractive and affordable your product range is, then you wouldn’t be able to sell anything in case you do not obtain quality traffic on your dropshipping store.


Getting free traffic to your dropshipping store is excellent when your budget is tight. Nonetheless, it is great when you want to spare advertisement costs! 


Generating more traffic for your online store can be a really important part of growing your business.If your site is properly optimized for conversions, acquiring a leap in traffic may mean more customers and additional earnings.


Some might say there is nothing like free traffic. After all, everything comes with a cost.However, this is simply not correct in specific cases.


The secret, however is how exactly can you pull more visitors to your online store? Where can you find the most efficient traffic sources, and also how to make sure they don’t really cost you a lot?


Within this article, we’re going to highlight 10 tried and tested methods that will help you get free traffic to your dropshipping store.


From social networking to search engine optimization and content promotion, these tips may allow you to advertise your dropshipping store and skyrocket sales.

1. Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

An excellent solution to start with SEO and get free traffic will be to develop a blog in your dropshipping store.

For those who don’t understand what exactly is SEO, this means optimizing your dropshipping store for several key phrases to position in a search engine like google.

Free traffic is not the only real reason you should start a blog.

Additionally, it is great to show that you have knowledge inside the niche you are selling in plus it’s really great to keep your traffic more in your own dropshipping store.

Have you noticed while doing searches, you always wind up picking the one which is on the very first page of the search engine results? 

Which means your dropshipping store may possibly miss out on an opportunity to draw free traffic if your brand isn’t among those results for specific keywords that you are targeting. 

You can also optimize your store so that your other pages, like product pages, will rank as well!

So that when people type the name of the product , for example “Jackets for women” your store could end up number 1 on search engines .


Unfortunately, store optimization is widely forgotten by newly-established dropshipping stores, as it’s a time consuming procedure. 

SEO is a broad topic. It is, therefore, important that you take your time understanding the essentials of search-engine and Off Page optimization.

However, you may use long tail keywords which aren’t as competitive to get started to rank for free traffic to your dropshipping store.

SEO for dropshipping free traffic is really amazing because usually these people have a very high purchase intent.


Pinterest is truly an untapped way in contrast to most of the additional dropshipping traffic procedures and you know what’s the best part? It can be automated too.

Your goal using Pinterest would be always to create pins which enable visitors to click, go to your website, or even  let them re-pin it with their Pinterest boards.

Pinterest has approximately 1-Billion regular monthly traffic.Yes, that is true.Just do not neglect to research if your intended audience is in Pinterest or not! Because 71% of global Pinterest users are female.

If you are able to actually utilize Pinterest at a wise manner it’s definitely really an insane dropshipping free traffic supply.

There are particular tips on how to merely re-pin a great deal of pictures of one’s products and find some good traffic to your dropshipping store.

You could even maximize your pins for Pinterest SEO, make various boards, combine similar boards, create related niche accounts plus a whole lot more.

It’s a great practice to upload 3-4 pins daily and keep consistent and soon you will get yourself a specific level of monthly traffic to your own profile.

There are a lot of web sites available which drive a large number of individuals for their own dropshipping stores using Pinterest free traffic.

3.Quora And Reddit

Quora and Reddit are places to get and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and join with those who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

Some one can place a question on the site so that other individuals are able to reply with their own answer.

It’s a win win situation, because people get value from you and you also get yourself a ton of dropshipping free traffic.


The excellent point about that is that you can demonstrate you are knowledgeable inside your niche and you can link straight back into your store or some blog post you composed each time you give an answer.

As you can imagine, the people who leave their questions are exceptionally motivated to obtain the solution to his or her query — this is the reason it’s really easy to convert them to buyers and loyal clients. 

The point is to supply value to the readers until you add any links back to your site. Otherwise, it might damage your brand recognition.

Some questions have tens of hundreds of views, and that means that you can really induce a substantial number of free traffic to your dropshipping store.


Building an Instagram page for your dropshipping store is fantastic!

Instagram is most likely my favourite method of driving free dropshipping traffic, simply due to just how simple it really is and because you can also automate it.

Around 73  percent of its half of a million active users are now between the ages of 15 – 35 , which makes it the ideal selection for brands whose target audiences seem younger.

If you would like to drive traffic with Insta-gram you have to focus on increasing your follower count, post content regularly and also have an attractive call to actions in bio.


Another great way to keep your audience engaging is through contests and  giveaways .By doing so, you will get your account discovered. 


YouTube is basically another search engine at which people hunt for information,except it’s only in video format.

A great solution to build a brand around your dropshipping store  would be always to create a YouTube channel. It’s Not Just great to improve the potency of your brand, but also to Find free traffic!Youtube is similar to what we talked around in the SEO segment.

The big difference between Youtube and optimizing your dropshipping store for SEO is that Youtube is easier to rank even if you do not have much authority.


You can do videos that are animated product reviews,testimonials from customers,create articles in your niche,educational videos or even hire somebody to complete the job for you.

This way it is possible to link straight back to that product on your YouTube video description.

But besides the traffic amounts themselves, Youtube allows you to build a much closer relationship with your customers.

The conversion rates that you may get from Youtube videos are absolutely crazy. Even if you do not get a ton of free dropshipping traffic, you can still get a lot of earnings.


Everyone out there is certainly enthusiastic about Facebook Paid Advertising, but it may be used like a dropshipping free traffic source.

Facebook without any doubt is the biggest social networking platform.

The first step you have to do is to create your Facebook page.

Next,upload engaging content on your Facebook page and then have some sort of call to action for folks to go to your dropshipping store.

Additionally, having some likes in your page helps people trust you when they choose to click on your advertisement they watched on their Facebook Feed.

Another significant traffic source will be connecting facebook groups related to your niche.You can provide value to your audiences and then drive them back to your dropshipping store by simply adding the link in your description.

But do not just go out and begin spamming each of the groups.

Try to build up your reputation inside your niche!This is exactly the reason why it’s amazing to start building up your audience from the start.

7.Email Marketing

Possessing an email list can be your main asset.Building an engaging email list is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your online store.


Discover the way to have your visitors subscribe to your email list in order that they keep coming to your store.


One of the biggest mistakes you make is to focus so much on bringing visitors that you forget about everyone else.


Your major goal needs to be to have your store traffic, customers or visitors on your blog posts subscribe to your email list.


After that,choose an email marketing tool like Mailchimp, Active Campaign,etc.. to create and send email blasts to your target audience. Create emails that are visually appealing, feature valuable text, and have relevant CTAs. You can even target abandoned customers to complete their transactions.


This way you may use email marketing to receive them straight back to your store, get them to buy more or build trust before offering them a deal

8. Affiliate Program

If you do not know what an affiliate program is, it is generally finding people who promote your dropshipping products and you share a percentage of sales with them. 

The great thing is that you won’t need to pay a penny for marketing. Just the portion of the sales that you pay your affiliate companion. 

I include this to the dropshipping cost-free web traffic resources due to the fact that you do not require any kind of financial investment.

 You only pay affiliates when they refer someone. You could use this to encourage visitors or previous customers of your dropshipping store to invite their friends and family to your store.

The only issue with this is that you require to have traffic currently in order to make this work. 

You do require to put in efforts for finding affiliate marketers for your dropshipping store, once that is done you can get sales coming in without you needing to do anything. 

You can likewise begin a referral program, it is a very easy way to utilize existing consumers and also drive website traffic to your dropshipping website. For example, you can offer customers the chance to invite friends to register for free giveaways.

9.Guest Posting

Guest Posting indicates writing as well as publishing a short article on someone else’s site or blog.

What you are doing is finding a well established site in your niche as well as composing a guest article for them. They secure free content out of it and also you can leave a link to your dropshipping store. 

While creating killer content on your dropshipping website it is needed for engaging dedicated clients as well as attracting brand-new individuals to click on your site, do not ignore the power guest publishing has on your site web traffic.


I do agree that this technique is a bit time taking as you have to research big websites in your particular niche, produce contents and reach out to them.But this procedure is worth it.

If your guest article is published, you typically get a link leading people back to your site. Furthermore, you get backlinks within your content which once clicked, drive interested people back to your own online shop.

10.Write An Ebook

For those who know a lot of information inside your niche, then another wonderful way to develop your authority in your industry and to get your name around will be to always build an eBook.

Once your ebook is ready, you can use it as your lead magnet to build your email list.


You could provide the eBook away for free, you can sell it or you can provide it in exchange for his or her email address. 

Your purpose must be to teach the folks inside your field of specialty. If you have a great deal of knowledge but you are not sure about your writing skills, then you might also hire a professional ebook writer that will assist you in this procedure.

So there you have it! 10 amazing ways to get free traffic to your dropshipping store.

As I said some of these free traffic techniques do require quite a bit of time, but could be really worth it in the future.

I strongly suggest combining a number of the free dropshipping marketing strategies with automation, and therefore you do not have to put in lots of work .

You can quickly bring in more traffic using these tested solutions to a dropshipping store and eventually increase your earnings.

If you just starting out and want to build your Dropshipping store from scratch, check out this article on How To Build Your Shopify Store In Under An Hour.

Is there anything else you want to add to this list? Feel free to comment below.

Just don’t forget that it will take some time and consistency until you will see success. Only don’t give up!

Good luck with your journey of getting free traffic to your dropshipping store.


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